Fotostudio Heimo Mauser


To follow a truly personal view is the only real luxury. True Colors Photography is about preserving the pic as a precise function of reality.

Heimo Mauser organizes the FINE ART FANTASTIC AWARD 2014

It is a great honor for me, to organize on Google Plus the international FINE ART FANTASTIC AWARD 2014. So far more than 200 excellent photographers from all over the world are taking place in this event. To safeguard a high quality I am currently in the process of choosing curators with an excellent reputation as photographers or art dealers. If you are interested in participating please let me know and have a look at FINE ART FANTASTIC AWARD ON Google Plus

BTP Eye 2014

In this E-book you find over 200 pics of more than 100 photographers. These are a selection of the best posts on Google Plus during the year 2013. For only 26,30 EUR you will get access to 238 full HD-pictures in top quality. By the way: two pics of the mentioned 238 are mine :-)

Best of Google Plus now available as a photo e-book

I am very honoured to be part of BTP Group on Google Plus. Now you have the chance to preorder our newest e-book where around three hundred of the worldbest photographers on Google Plus contribute their most awesome pictures. I myself contribute to this book with two pics. If you preorder now you are offered a 30 % discount. Let the inspiration flow and check it out at