Fotostudio Heimo Mauser


To follow a truly personal view is the only real luxury. True Colors Photography is about preserving the pic as a precise function of reality.


 All I ask is for a chance to prove that money can't make me happy.

All I ask is for a chance to prove that money can't make me happy.

"i don't believe in freedom applied to a collective society any longer, but i do still believe in a man alone with his freedom. i feel that freedom is a solitary and individual research that leads you to finding a personal balance in life, whatever the context you may be living in. a constant silent rebellion." (Lorenzo Meloni)

you can't measure color or even Less whole Pics. Resolution, dynamic range, iso sensitivity, color depth and texture trade off in opposition to each other. superior quality Can - similiar to The Quality of wine - only be recognized by a human.

Heimo's photographic heart beats for "True Colors". the pure, authentiC and subtle pic without any cheating photoshop. HEIMO MAUSER IS OFTEN SEEN CLOSE TO A SOMEWHAT MAGIC "NEOVERISMO SELETTIVO". he prefers low-drama-mode and his work resonates from a sphere, where those who know don't speak and those who speak don't know. as this is your best chance to not arouse the animal spirits of the mind-controlled zombies out there.

as an artist he feels closest to the wunderkind of american photography - brett weston. uncompromisingly masculine, stronger than politics, untouched by issues of gender, weston emerged as an enigma of modernism. a man who stood alone - open, sincere and innocent, inspired by the magnificence of nature. badass and maverick, but unmistakably genuine. is he for real? critics, who weston always disdained, are still making up their minds (

amongst others heimo also admires andreas gursky, Jeff Koons, aaron siskind, mario giacomelli, sebastiao salgado, otto steinert, peter LIK, slim aarons, jan saudek, andreas feininger, rudolf koppitz, man ray, richard avedon, david lachapelle, nick brandt and magnum-founder henri cartier-bresson (,,, 

  ... all secrets on Earth are descendants of business secrets. Ex nihilo nihil fit.

 ... all secrets on Earth are descendants of business secrets. Ex nihilo nihil fit.


about artists: an artist, similiar to a saint, represents an ideal of civilization. he is the antagonist of mephisto. a person too good to be true - without real power, completely restricted and dedicated to noble ideas and feelings.

about art critics: Heimo is always in favour of the self-made man playing the long game. patient, deliberate and disciplined, who filters all the noise from underachieving men and women and follows the still-stubborn voice of facts.


"free human societies always develop into hierarchies. but when we find ourselves at the receiving end, we will resort to utopia and liberal views. turkeys voting for christmas. and yet we all presage what will happen at christmas day."


HÖCHSTE FARBQUALITÄT dank digitalem mittelformat