Fotostudio Heimo Mauser


To follow a truly personal view is the only real luxury. True Colors Photography is about preserving the pic as a precise function of reality.



as ideas and feelings are downstream of status, winning satisfies people, losing infuriates them. so you'D better up the ante in order to Get a life! attempt to succeed, use diplomacy not to drive people mental, encourage the kids and try to understand the Holy Bible's Hosea 9:7 - "the prophet is a fool, the intellectual is mad"

you can't measure color or even Less whole Pics. Resolution, dynamic range, iso sensitivity, color depth and texture trade off in opposition to each other. superior quality Can - similiar to The Quality of wine - only be recognized by a human.

Heimo presents us private photography. his photographic heart beats for "True Colors". the pure, authentiC and subtle pic without any cheating photoshop. HEIMO MAUSER IS OFTEN SEEN CLOSE TO A SOMEWHAT MAGIC "NEOVERISMO SELETTIVO". his work resonates from an atavistic and enigmatic sphere, where those who know do not speak and those who speak do not know.

amongst others he admires jeff Koons, otto steinert, peter LIK, jan saudek, andreas feininger, rudolf koppitz, man ray, richard avedon, david lachapelle, andreas gursky, nick brandt and henri cartier-bresson ( 

 ... all secrets on Earth are descendants of business secrets. Ex nihilo nihil fit.

 ... all secrets on Earth are descendants of business secrets. Ex nihilo nihil fit.


about artists: an artist, similiar to a saint, represents an ideal of civilization. he is the antagonist of mephisto. a person without real power, completely restricted and dedicated to Good ideas and feelings.

about art critics: "there is nothing more ideologically appalling than postmodernist neomarxist writing about art" (Jordan B Peterson)

HÖCHSTE FARBQUALITÄT dank digitalem mittelformat