Fotostudio Heimo Mauser

AUCH IN DIR STECKT EIN HOLLYWOOD-STAR - und manchmal auch mehr

To follow a truly personal view is the only real luxury. True Colors Photography is about preserving the pic as a precise function of reality.

Every pic of this website for 250 EUR


Every pic of this website for 250 EUR


We offer all pics of this homepage as C-print in 7,9 x 11,8 in (20 x 30 cm) or 15,8 x 23,6 in (40 x 60 cm)

All pics are limited to 25 prints, signed by hand and come with a hologram and a certificate of authenticity.

A one-hour-session in my studio is 250 EUR.

Please pay by using the 'Purchase'-Button below.

Afterwards identify the pic you ordered by the name of the section in this homepage and the number of the pic and send us this info at (e.g. Artothek/pic no. 2 or Beauty/pic no. 10). THX!


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