Fotostudio Heimo Mauser


To follow a truly personal view is the only real luxury. True Colors Photography is about preserving the pic as a precise function of reality.


 The more things change, the more they remain exactly the same.

The more things change, the more they remain exactly the same.

Heimo's photographic heart beats for "True Colors". the pure, authentiC and subtle pic without any cheating photoshop. HEIMO MAUSER IS OFTEN SEEN CLOSE TO A SOMEWHAT MAGIC "NEOVERISMO SELETTIVO". his work resonates from the bottom of the political theater, where those who know don't speak and those who speak don't know.

as an artist he feels closest to Brett Weston and Slim Aarons:

Brett Weston - the wunderkind of american photography, naturally masculine, unharmed by politics and ideology, untroubled by issues of gender emerged as an enigma of modernism. a man who stood alone - open, sincere and innocent, inspired by the magnificence of nature. not exactly a creature of art critics, but unmistakably genuine and positive. is he for real? critics, who weston always disdained, are still making up their minds (

slim aarons never made a big thing about creating high art, which is why his friend and protégé, the photographer Jonathan Becker says, "He had no pretensions at all about what we're doing. He kept reminding me, 'It's all bullshit’“. as a consequence the art world does it’s best to ignore him (

amongst others heimo also admires andreas gursky, Jeff Koons, aaron siskind, jacob aue sobol, mario giacomelli, sebastiao salgado, otto steinert, peter LIK, jan saudek, andreas feininger, rudolf koppitz, man ray, richard avedon, david lachapelle, nick brandt and magnum-founder henri cartier-bresson (,,,

the weird part in art is, that an artist should represent freedom and authenticity and at the same time he is forced to commit to the ideas of art critics and has to accept them as his overlords. #firstworldproblems


Obviously there is no free lunch, as well as - in the long run - there is no free sex. Society as a whole is still programmed to motherhood as the holy grail. The only advisible role outside of society is to be kind of a healing wizard.